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You’ve got questions, we are here to help. Discover the answers you need and begin your Direct Primary Care journey with certainty.

Direct Primary Care is an arrangement between a provider and a patient whereby the patient pays the provider a monthly fee for access to consults and services that the doctors office provides. There are many benefits to having a direct relationship with your doctor. First, the physician is there to take care of you. They are not there to check boxes for your insurance company. Multiple studies have shown decreased rates of hospitalization, fewer medications utilized, fewer days off from work and overall better outcomes with a Direct Primary Care arrangement.

Direct Primary Care is best utilized for those who wish to have a close relationship with their doctor and have health issues such as Hypertension, High Cholesterol, or the occasional Cold and Flu or G.I. issues.

We recommend that you utilize an Emergency Room for emergencies. Direct Primary Care offers 15-minute visits for the diagnosis or treatment of acute or ongoing medical issues.

Compass Human Performance does not accept insurance or participate in insurance billing schemes. You can use your HSA funds to cover the cost of memberships and treatments. We recommend that you use your health insurance for major issues like surgeries or serious illnesses. Just as car insurance is reserved for accidents, health insurance should be used for major healthcare needs. We can oftentimes get you medications or other services at a lower or reduced cost by not using your insurance. By establishing a direct relationship with you and bypassing insurance companies, we can resolve 98% of primary visits through phone interaction saving you time and effort. When an in-person visit is necessary we strive to minimize weight times and provide efficient treatment.

Yes. We do not offer Primary Care Services for those who are not members. We also do not sign up members at the onset of an acute illness. and in other words, if you are not a member here, and become ill, we would not see you in the midst of that illness. We typically establish care with someone when there is no acute illness or problem to be solved. We also offer a “pay by the hour” arrangement. One of our office associates can offer more information if desired.

Yes we do. We understand getting quality healthcare for everyone in your family can be costly. For this reason we have capped the membership rate at just $275/month for families with four or more individuals in a unit.

Studies have shown that Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in a DPC practice have lower out of pocket costs, a 30% less chance of being hospitalized, and are on fewer medications. Overall, what we have found is that our clients are healthier and happier with their healthcare. Our clients save money and time by partnering with us.

There is no comparison. Other practices are held and bound by insurance models that do not place you and your well-being first. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. We work directly with our clients to provide individualized care, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

It is widely known that 95% of all primary care visits can be handled remotely. We leverage technology-phone calls, text and video chat to provide care for you and your family without having to leave work or home.

Anyone who needs healthcare. Everyone will need healthcare at some point. Insurance deductibles and premiums have increased dramatically making care less affordable. A DPC arrangement can make care affordable again and, the best part, it actually works for you. Here’s why, we spend time with our clients, we listen to their problems and help find real solutions. Our goal is to get you off of medicines, if we can, and improve your overall health. We can do this because an insurance company is not telling us what to do.

Yes. We recommend that our clients continue to carry health insurance. This is typically a catastrophic healthcare policy with a high deductible. Because most of the services needed by our clients can be handled through our office at a cash pay rate we are able to save our clients significant amounts of money on their healthcare. At the end of the day, health insurance is utilized much like your car insurance would be utilized-only in the event of an accident, major illness or need for surgery. Also, there are simply some services that we cannot offer or perform at our office. Therefore maintaining health insurance coverage is recommended. We do work with our clients to guide them on what type of policy they would need.

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