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We understand that you may have questions, and we’re here to help. Explore our frequently asked questions about Performance Medicine to find the answers you need and get started on your journey with confidence.

Performance Medicine is typically the use of Peptides, Hormones, and other Therapies to optimize human performance and longevity and maximize Anti-Aging Capacity. This membership is an arrangement between Compass Human Performance and a patient whereby the patient pays the provider a monthly fee for access to time and services. We have different membership levels that come with different degrees of access and benefits.

Compass Human Performance has intentionally been designed from its inception with a determined effort to ignore the conventions of modern medicine. The attitude of “going with the flow” and third-party influencers have put medicine in a distasteful situation for patients and doctors. New federal laws increase the influence of administrators and insurance payers in how your health care is delivered. This shapes the system to suit the needs of the masses. However, healthcare policy ignores what is best for YOU — the independent and individual patient. Individual patients have lost access to personal care.

Compass Human Performance does not accept insurance or participate in insurance billing schemes. You can use your HSA funds to cover the cost of memberships and treatments. We recommend that you use your health insurance for major issues like surgeries or serious illnesses. Just as car insurance is reserved for accidents. Health insurance should be used for major healthcare needs. We can oftentimes get you medications or other services at a lower or reduced cost by not using your insurance. By establishing a direct relationship with you and bypassing insurance companies, we can resolve 98% of primary visits through phone interaction saving you time and effort. When an in-person visit is necessary, we strive to minimize wait times and provide efficient treatment.

Yes. We do not offer Primary Care Services for those who are not members. We also do not sign up members at the onset of an acute illness. and in other words, if you are not a member here, and become ill, we would not see you in the midst of that illness. We typically establish care with someone when there is no acute illness or problem to be solved. We also offer a “pay by the hour” arrangement. One of our office associates can offer more information if desired.

The $597 fee covers two essential components: the initial lab work ($297) and the onboarding visit with Dr. Howard ($300). During this visit a provider will conduct a thorough review of your medical history, your initial laboratory panel, and your health goals to develop a personalized wellness plan. We can then also determine whether a membership is right for you.

Yes, HSA funds can be used to cover the costs associated with all our membership options.

There is no comparison. Other practices are held and bound by insurance models that do not place you and your well-being first. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. We work directly with our clients to provide individualized care, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

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Compass Human Performance can interact with you in a variety of ways. In addition to office visits, we provide teleconferencing email, and phone interactions. If preferred, we can arrange for a private in-home consultation. Due to federal regulations, if we are prescribing testosterone or another controlled substance we must see you in person, one time every calendar year.

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